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The Symbol of Beauty
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What does the logo of the Awura's brand represent? . Yes, we are a clothing brand, but our logo looks like a comb… Why? Well, bear with me as I introduce you to the famous “Adinkra Symbols of the great Asante (Ashanti) Empire.  I’m sure lots of you may be familiar with some of these symbols, but may not know what they mean. The Adinkra symbols are an ideographic writing system used by the Ashanti Empire (one of the most influential empires that have ever existed). It is believed that these symbols were put together as a result of observations...

Origin of African Prints
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  Source: Toshiie Koike African prints are cool, right. Well, their history is not as cool as you thought. The history behind these fabrics has been quite interesting and complicated over the years. Although they are worn mostly in Africa, especially West Africa within countries like Senegal, Ghana, Togo, Nigeria, Cameroun, amongst others, these fabrics, surprisingly do not originate from the African continent. Yeah, they are not African in origin. What is known today as African prints, Ankara, European Wax or Dutch Wax started as the Batik fabric in Java, Indonesia, formerly known as the Dutch Indies. In the Dutch...

What is my Unique Day Name?
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What is my Unique Day Name? Hi people, do you have a special name attached to the day you were born? Ever thought of the meaning behind that name? Well in West Africa, there is a unique tradition where people are given special names according to the days they were born. Bequeathed to the current generations by our forebears, this practice is carried out amongst some communities within La Cote d’ivoire, Ghana, Togo and Benin. Apparently, in the diaspora, most especially, Jamaica, amongst the Ndyuka community, parents do give variants of the Akan day names to their children. In this...

Clothing Lines Beyond Profits
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In Business School, we are thought that the motive of entrepreneurs whenever they set-up a business is mostly for reasons of profit. Indeed without a strong thumb on the future profitability of a new venture, it may be suicidal to enter the market. The fact clearly remains, that all existing and past global business giants and conglomerates have grown to be where they are because they chose to be efficient and profitable in their operations, thereby enhancing a rewarding return on the contributions of their shareholders and their employees. It is also a fact that most of these businesses have...

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