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Clothing Lines Beyond Profits

In Business School, we are thought that the motive of entrepreneurs whenever they set-up a business is mostly for reasons of profit. Indeed without a strong thumb on the future profitability of a new venture, it may be suicidal to enter the market.

The fact clearly remains, that all existing and past global business giants and conglomerates have grown to be where they are because they chose to be efficient and profitable in their operations, thereby enhancing a rewarding return on the contributions of their shareholders and their employees.

It is also a fact that most of these businesses have always given back to society, either directly, through taxation or indirectly through the channel of Corporate Social Responsibility and Philanthropy.

However, for the past few years, there has been a great number of emerging businesses who have proven through impact and social enterprise models that we can do business, make profits, be empathic, ethical and place people at the center of business operations and business sustainability. Indeed, adopting socially focused business approaches aimed at generating returns for shareholders whilst promoting the good of society, is the way to go and this is what sustainable enterprises do: Business beyond profit.

Awura's Wardrobe, the Lady’s Wardrobe, seeks to achieve this in a special way. This exquisite clothing company seeks to partner with its socially focused clients, who do not only seek to purchase its unique global afrocentric brand, but are also looking for an avenue to give back to the communities where the key raw material of the clothes they wear are made. It is worth noting that whenever clients make a purchase from Awura's Wardrobe, they can rest assured that a good portion of the profit generated by the business returns to the community where the textile was made. The whole idea is to support, most especially, the health care needs of the children within those communities in Africa.

As a modern global afrocentric clothing line which has a goal of promoting the growth of the textile industry in emerging markets across Africa and the Caribbean, the company believes that it is more rewarding and fulfilling to be a “Business for Good”.

A good business shouldn’t just be defined by the ability of its products or services to meet a need, but the ability of the business to provide a leadership role in the generation of welfare support for those who really need them.

Awura's exclusive products come with original bright, colorful and awesome designs associated with the unique African and global woman. It seeks to bolster the confidence of women of diverse backgrounds with an African and Caribbean touch.

Awura's clothing line is tailored towards the courageous, agile and beautiful global woman who is looking to impress and make a mark on every sphere of her life. 

Thankfully, in Africa, these exotic fabrics are worn for weddings, naming ceremonies, church, the office, etc., amongst other things, making them very useful for all occasions.

At Awura's, you will not purchase a product for purchasing sake, but you will purchase it with all the pride you can garner, knowing that a part of the profit is going out to do Good to others.

Indeed, it is a clothing line beyond profits.














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