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The Symbol of Beauty

The Symbol of Beauty

What does the logo of the Awura's brand represent?

Yes, we are a clothing brand, but our logo looks like a comb… Why? Well, bear with me as I introduce you to the famous “Adinkra Symbols of the great Asante (Ashanti) Empire.  I’m sure lots of you may be familiar with some of these symbols, but may not know what they mean.

The Adinkra symbols are an ideographic writing system used by the Ashanti Empire (one of the most influential empires that have ever existed). It is believed that these symbols were put together as a result of observations that were made between humans and the objects they used. There are about 65 original symbols, each with a different meaning to it. Scholars believe the meanings of these symbols may have evolved with time, and more symbols have also been added to the original ones over the years.

The symbols are very important to the still vibrant Asante Kingdom in modern day Ghana. The capital of the Asante kingdom is in Kumasi where most of the fabrics worn by the Royals in this kingdom are patterned with these symbols.

One symbol whose meaning has not changed over the years is the “Duafe” meaning wooden comb. This is the symbol of beauty and cleanliness, which is obviously a desirable female quality.  A deeper meaning of the “Duafe” emphases the feminine goodness, love, and care.

            Now our logo may not look exactly like the original comb, but we couldn’t have borrowed a better symbol than one that represents the beauty, strength,  identity, and essence of the Asante woman.  

Thanks for reading!

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