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Our Story

About Awura’s Wardrobe   

Awura’s Wardrobe is a limited-edition, custom-tailored clothing line that exudes confidence. Awura’s Wardrobe exemplifies designs inspired by the bold colors and patterns from West Africa, Ghana. Each fabric tells a unique story and is designed by a collection of top designers from Ghana.

Awura’s Story

As someone who constantly struggled with finding the right-sized clothing, I was always on the lookout to find something that I found flattering. At the same time, growing up in Ghana, I had the privilege of enjoying the richness of native African prints.

I created Awura’s Wardrobe as a way for women to enjoy wearing a clothing line that expresses the unique African print heritage designs while having the stylish sophistication of a modern woman. We also have the option for custom-tailoring to give women the chance to explore having something created especially for them.


Awura, a Ghanaian Twi word, means ‘lady’ and is often used to describe women who show grace. It also happens to be my name.

I’ve always loved vintage designs and how “ladies” in the past used dresses as a form of expression. Awura’s Wardrobe is my hand-picked collection of designs.

There's something for everyone.

It’s designed from one lady to another.


What We Believe

  • We believe making a difference in the world is good business.

Our Pledge: For every outfit sold, we donate 20% of profits to help pay the hospital bills of families in need in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.  

  • We believe that every woman should feel confident, to express herself.

Our clothing line is by design for the unapologetically bold woman.

Our goal: To let you live freely, love fearlessly and bring out the fierce vibrant you.

Be Bold.

Be Unapologetically Confident.

Be the Uniquely You.